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(10 customer reviews)


SPYDRx is the ideal top-lighting solution for the full-cycle cannabis cultivation for home hobbyists not supplementing with CO2, or vegetative cannabis cultivation in commercial environments. Designed to cover a 4’x4’ area at only 6 inches above canopy, SPYDRx delivers an average of 550 µmol/m2/s of highly uniform light over canopy.

PPF: 810 µmol/s
Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J
Input Power: 330W @277v



NEMA 6-15P

NEMA 5-15P

Adjustable Cable Kit

Ideal to suspend your SPYDR fixture at variable mounting heights of your choosing.

Aircraft Cable

Ideal for hanging your SPYDR fixture from the ceiling or a suitable support structure.

Close-Mount Brackets

For hard-mounting under tables or racks to minimize wasted space above the fixture.

AC Cord length 6 Feet 15 Feet
Plug type NEMA 5-15P NEMA 5-15P NEMA 6-15P NEMA 6-15P + $5 NEMA L7-15P NEMA L7-15P + $10 Pigtails Pigtails
Mounting hardware Close-Mount Brackets C-Bracket Aircraft Cable Aircraft Cable Adjustable cable Adjustable Cable
Clear selection
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Designed as an vegetative-stage, top-lighting solution for commercial applications, and as a full-cycle top-lighting solution for residential applications without CO2 supplementation.

Recommended mounting height 6” from top of canopy for optimal light uniformity, penetration and flux density above a 4’x4’ canopy.

Suitable for operation in still air ambient temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 35°C (95°F) when suspended and up to 30°C (86°F) when surface mounted. Operating temperature ranges between 25°C (77°F) to 30°C (86°F) above ambient.

We recommend at least one ft3/S of airflow to ensure efficient cooling. Proper air flow will also increase the maximum suitable operating temperature and help extend lifetime of system.

42L x 44W x 4.6H in

22 lbs

Anodized, extruded aluminum alloy chassis with integrated heatsink for longevity and passive, natural convection thermal management (no fans or moving components).

SPYDRx is available with PhysioSpec Indoor. For more information:

Input voltage is 100-277V.
Amperage depends on fixture wattage (330W for SPYDRx) and input voltage. Below is a general estimate. Actual figures may vary.


  • Amps @ 120V: 2.8A
  • Amps @ 208V: 1.6A
  • Amps @ 240V: 1.4A
  • Amps @ 277V: 1.2A

All SPYDR systems are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for three years with projected lifetime of 100,000 operating hours to 70 percent of initial flux.

Additional Information

AC Cord length

6 Feet, 15 Feet

Plug type

NEMA 5-15P, NEMA 6-15P, NEMA L7-15P, Pigtails

Mounting hardware

Close-Mount Brackets, Aircraft Cable, Adjustable cable

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for SPYDRx

  1. Josh B.

    I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this light. I was skeptical that the price would justify itself, but after having finished a grow cycle with it, I now feel it’s the only way to go for environmentally responsible indoor growing. Goodbye replacing HID bulbs every year, and hello to a better all around solution.

  2. Jesse

    Am currently using this in a 4×4 tent and it’s absolutely beautiful. Plants responded well to the spectrum, assembly was easy and practical. Had to get Fluence on the phone to answer some basic questions and they were on the ball. Definitely worth getting.

  3. John

    These lights are the best there is hands down. We’ll worth the price. I’ll never use anything else.

  4. Jerome Peppers

    I have two of these on movers in the center of a 12x20ft. room and they cover a 6×14 area effectively. These replaced 3 1000 watt cooltube HPS lamps. The difference in growth is a bit ridiculous in that I was dealing with so many issues that were cured by the better spectrum and lower heat. Flowers are denser, the week 1 flowering stretch is less, power bill savings, no sunglasses needed inside, no bulb to change, and the colors of the flower and their tricome production is an unexpected joy. My only issue now is that I’ll have to buy 3-4 more. Also my last order arrived more than a week early, and the packaging is well designed (enough to keep for storage or moving in the future). The box has the logo Fluence Bioengineering and is discreet.

  5. Bryan Kosmenko

    This light is amazing. I can see my entire canopy. Look up threw my canopy is a new joy of mine. Makes keeping a clean area much easier. 3 days after I bought one I went out and got 2 more. AMAZING

  6. gdog8511 (verified owner)

    I haven’t had my spydrx for very long, just a few weeks, but the plants response to this light so far it’s nothing short of amazing. I placed it in my flower room mid cycle and the plants immediately almost began responding to the light. I’ll be replacing all my lights now. I was having out of control heat issues before I ordered the fluence, replacing just one light made a huge impact, and at one third the electricity usage, I May eventually move up to the plus model when i get co2 injection going. Till then, one light at a time till they are all replaced. Thanks a lot guys for finally bringing to market a real 1000w hps replacement!

  7. Yvonne caldwell

    I love this light! I have owned a bml for 3 years now bought fluence. I will bw ordering 1 more monday 😀

  8. Jason

    Love these light, switched out some of my DE to the spydr plus to cool down the room and save on electric bill. The plus is a beast wish they made a build in dimmer instead of spending a extra $100 for the dimmer. Overall I am satisfied. Saving up to buy more plus in the near future.

  9. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    I work for a specialty high-end LED lighting mfr. (think military), and have been watching these folks for over 2 years- the fact that OSRAM bought them this year, lock stock and barrel, tells me all I need to know. These reviews just cement it. Can’t wait to get mine next year! Not too hyped about 0-10V dimming, but I guess DMX isn’t meant for ‘hobbyists’ LOL.

  10. Michael wandell

    Got two. Then seven. Going for twenty now. Nuff said?

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