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(39 customer reviews)


SPYDRx PLUS is designed for full-cycle commercial cannabis cultivation with the power to scale from vegetative growth to bloom. For optimal results, we recommend CO2 supplementation between 800-1400 ppm due to high PPFD levels. Also designed to cover a 4’x4’ area at only 6 inches above canopy, SPYDRx PLUS delivers an average of 1030 µmol/m2/s of light over your crop with unparalleled uniformity.

PPF: 1530 µmol/s
Efficacy: 2.3 µmol/J
Input Power: 660W @277v



NEMA 6-15P

NEMA 5-15P

Adjustable Cable Kit

Ideal to suspend your SPYDR fixture at variable mounting heights of your choosing.

Aircraft Cable

Ideal for hanging your SPYDR fixture from the ceiling or a suitable support structure.

Close-Mount Brackets

For hard-mounting under tables or racks to minimize wasted space above the fixture.

AC Cord length 6 Feet 15 Feet
Plug type NEMA 5-15P NEMA 5-15P NEMA 6-15P NEMA 6-15P + $5 NEMA L7-15P NEMA L7-15P + $10 Pigtails Pigtails
Mounting hardware Close-Mount Brackets C-Bracket Aircraft Cable Aircraft Cable Adjustable cable Adjustable Cable
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SPYDRx PLUS is designed for close-proximity, controlled environment agriculture, and multi-tier vertical farming environments.   An average — not max — PPFD above 1,020 makes SPYDRx PLUS the perfect choice for high-DLI crops from veg to bloom when paired with a 0-10V dimmer or adjusted mounting height for desired PPFD.

Recommended mounting height 6” from top of canopy for optimal light uniformity, penetration and flux density above a 4’x4’ canopy.

Suitable for operation in still air ambient temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 35°C (95°F) when suspended and up to 30°C (86°F) when surface mounted. Operating temperature ranges between 25°C (77°F) to 30°C (86°F) above ambient.

We recommend at least one ft3/S of airflow to ensure efficient cooling. Proper air flow will also increase the maximum suitable operating temperature and help extend lifetime of system.

Dimensions: 42L x 44W x 4.6H in

Weight: 32 lbs

Anodized, extruded aluminum alloy chassis with integrated heatsink for longevity and passive, natural convection thermal management (no fans or moving components).

SPYDRx PLUS  is available with PhysioSpec Indoor. For more information:

Input voltage is 100-277V. Amperage depends on fixture wattage (660W for SPYDRx PLUS) and input voltage. Below is a general estimate. Actual figures may vary.

  • Amps @ 120V: 5.5A
  • Amps @ 208V: 3.2A
  • Amps @240V: 2.8A
  • Amps @277V: 2.4A

All SPYDR systems are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for three years with projected lifetime of 100,000 operating hours to 70 percent of initial flux.

Additional Information

AC Cord length

6 Feet, 15 Feet

Plug type

NEMA 5-15P, NEMA 6-15P, NEMA L7-15P, Pigtails

Mounting hardware

Close-Mount Brackets, Aircraft Cable, Adjustable cable

Reviews (39)

39 reviews for SPYDRx PLUS

  1. Haze

    Initial review. just received my SPYDR . It’s been in my garden for a couple days. Plants immediately responded positively to the spectrum. The setup was easy. I recommend you hang the main driver first and then attach your light bars. The PhysioSpec spectrum is absolutely beautiful to put it mildly. It’s like a perfect clear day. Finally the big piece: Intensity and coverage/footprint. This light at 685W is giving as much intensity as a 1200W HPS and even a hint more. Under my par meter at 8 inches above my canopy the outer edges are receiving 800 micromoles, while the center is receiving 1100 . I have the bars spread wide as possible. Foot print is a generous 4×4. This is hands down the best light I have ever come in contact with and I have seen and tried them all. (that Includes Illumitex) Congratulations FLUENCE/BML! I support you all the way.

  2. Lance

    The spydrxplus is a amazing light. led are finally here to stay the node stack and crystals are like no other must run co2 for optimal growth and flower and up your feed 20% they love to eat and eat they do. These lights are the best leading light in the industry today .

  3. robert

    amazing light, amazing results! So many positives, don’t even have the time to mention them all. Buy this light you will have zero regrets. Time to throw the 1000W sodiums away I assure you

  4. Ross

    Ill keep this very sweet and to the point. LED has finally arrived. My SpydrXPlus is the best light I have ever used. It’s just awesome. After a ton of research, I settled on Fluence and I have ZERO REGRETS!!!! Any doubters just go ahead and stay behind the curve if you are comfortable there. Any growers who want to push the envelope and get the best grow possible make the switch… I was a doubter once too….

  5. Ross

    One more thing. The staff at Fluence has been utterly incredible. They actually found a grow journal I was keeping online reached out to me in a private message on the forum and offered to help me with my grow. Since then, I have been in regular contact with them getting advice and support even becoming friends. They really care about their product and their customers. That’s rare these days. Here’s a link to the grow. Be sure to find the wine bottle photo…

  6. Andrew

    Fluence lighting is above and beyond. The technology in the lights industry and are crazy amazing!!#!. I have Neosol DS and the Fluence light puts the DS looks like I wasted $2500 on the DS. $1500 for Fluence XPLUS that’s a killer price worth every cent. XPLUS is in a 8×8 tent and on a mover and I feEl like there 2 double end hps 1000s in there. Super intense love the Spectrum doesn’t hurt my eyes. Or my plants ice cold for a led 685 watts. The DS is hot compared to the Fluence XPLUS. Really a great job guys l!! Can’t wait to show photos to you guys.

  7. Todd L

    Very impressed with fluence. Ordered my lights with zero problems. Order was delivered before the the date they gave me. Every thing was packed securely, arrived without any damage. Order was complete with all of the hardware for lights. The light penetration is better than any 1000 watt light I have ever used. Only regret I have is that I didn’t get them earlier. A very impressive light.

  8. Alan

    Fluence is my new favorite company, I just bought the SpydrX , I don’t even need it yet to know it going to be great, this review is based off of the worlds best, (and quite clever I presume) CS support I’ve ever received. My friend recommended when he said he contacted them a while ago they offered to show him products at their factory in Austin, since they had no Cali distributors then; Austin’s a bit far but that willingness was enough for me to check it out.

    After calling the very friendly woman at general customer support, forget her name unfortunately, she transferred me to the tech people for questions I had where I left the longest rambling message ever due to having used the very plant this device here intends to grow, it made little sense besides that I had a question, of course you can’t delete a voicemail so by the time I realized that it was too late lol.. Just over an hour later at a very particular time…..almost too coincidental to be by chance if you catch my drift lol….I get a call, (spoiler it’s 4:20pm exactly) and the support guy (unfortunately Im the worst with names and forgot his too, but he said he’s there every day so I suspected the owner but could be wrong) was extremely nice and helpful with all the questions I had. Questions weren’t very interesting or even ones with definitive answers but he very plainly laid it out and did it as unbiasedly as possible even when I asked for a recommended nutrient mix. He knew my main question was between Vypr vs Spydr, though I still intend to try both, it was really which to try first so I’m stoked to get this and review it after some research growth trials, which is especially why I chose a brand which understands/applies true EM spectra physics in its products. I look forward to working with fluence in future once I start collecting data as I plan to have lots of technical questions and I’m very excited to actually receive some answers. Despite what they might think from my voicemail I’m actually a senior year biomedical engineer and have been running promising cancer research lately and intend to have extremely detailed data at least, even if my hypothesis is flawed, so there’s no other brand I’d rather be working with going into this. 10/10 would recommend for anyone, science enthusiasts especially, tired of misinformation about LEDs, or plant photochemistry in general, out there. And if they did call me back at that time on purpose then they’re also the best CS with a sense of humor that I know. So that’s really a spinal tap-esque *11/10*, and if it was an accident, that was quite a coincidence and my 11/10 holds regardless.

  9. Coda Denton

    Phenomenal fixtures from a revolutionary company! There aren’t any other fixtures on the market relatively close to these!

  10. J. MILLER


  11. J. Brown

    This lovely lady has been in my garden for 9 months. What a difference. Increased yield and decreased energy costs by $80/month not including the 2 bulb changes I had to make annually. My garden is now MUCH safer. Not only from the reduced electrical pull from 1000w hps but I’ve also been able to save wattage on air conditioning. All the while my garden is FAR healthier. You really need a CO2 system to truly get the best results from this incredible piece of equipment. That can be done with a $100 regulator and $50 CO2 tank.
    In my 4 years these last 9 months have been the very best. All since this light. THANK YOU FLUENCE!!!

  12. Ian

    All I can say is awesome!!! This light fixture is by far the best in the industry. I’ve been using LED lights for awhile now and this one smokes them all! Thanks Fluence for thinking of us!!!?

  13. james

    at this point ive gone through one harvest with this light and i dont have the words in my personal dictionary to describe how satisfied i am with this light. bought with their solunar (had one technical problem but sorted itself out) this light didnt have to be adjusted in height until the last couple weeks where i basically sat the light ontop of my canopy. i used the controller for the first few weeks just adjusting the lighting potency and got amazing LST results as well as the perfect stretch i wanted. but the most noticeable difference vs my old gavita would be the hotspot or lack there of in this case. with my old hps i had to train my favorite strains to bush properly because the plant will always tent to “lean” toward more light. with the even spread and layout of the spydr the plants instead keep stretching wider because there is so much even light the plant grows as it wants not just straight at the light. my review probably does little to no justice. MAKE THE INVESTMENT, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSATISFIED

  14. Ray

    Iam a commercial grower in LA, I’ve been in the industry over 10 years. I’ve tried everything light out there.
    I purchased three spyders and tested the against three gavitas as a test. Three runs.
    Out of all three runs using same strains, the spyders pulled more weight and better quality. Now I am ordering forty for my next room.
    The price may seem high, but consider how much electric the double ended fixture uses and also major electric forHVAC to cool room from heat generated by lights. You’ll see ur saving in electric bill imedately. Keep you profits in your pocket.
    American Green

  15. Eryn

    First time buyer of the spyderx plus…. this thing is absolutely amazing! Fluency is on a level all by themselves! #untouchable!

  16. Anothansa Loophole (verified owner)

    Great! throw your hps away! This is the best lighting I have ever seen for now. Well worth the money, Great Customer Service,Great warranty. The spectrum is awsome. You will want to Kiss your new Fluence light I think I kissed mine.

  17. Mr. G13 (verified owner)

    Just received 2 SpydrX Plus 6 days ahead of schedule.Awesome!!!.Very professional packaging which is great if you ever need to put them away for awhile.The lights are very easy to put together and operate.Although Fluence dont currently have a Dimmer.Its not a problem.Before making my purchase I called Fluence and emailed them with several question and concerns.One of which was,Since you no longer make a 0-10v dimmer,Can I use another kind? and if so which one/kind? So Andie Marsh(Thx again) replied with 2 suggestions,1. 2. .The reason im posting this info is because after searching Google and Youtube I wasnt able to find it.So let me pass it on.Thank again Fluence and Employees.My new lights will be installed and ready to go next week.

  18. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 10 lights for my room to replace my DE fixtures and wish I would of done this a long time ago. Plants look healthier and happier than ever my electric bill has drastically lowered and my overall weight production has increased. It seems expensive at first until you see the savings per month and final product cost. For me this was a no brainer, thanks for the great products

  19. Joseph Carriere

    I am buying more, These lights work, saves energy and higher yields, and they look super cool, I’m all in. forever !!!
    Joe, from Winnipeg MB, Canada

  20. Paul/Clearheadfred IG (verified owner)

    Dang nice light! I’ve had mine awhile now. Gone through four or five runs. AWESOME!!

  21. King Stu

    This light looks amamizng

  22. Jim Gausman

    It’s the combination of the footprint, the spectrum and the consistency across the entire area that make this light by far the best light for producing high density, high terp and better product. My yields are up 32% over HPS and energy cost is down over 40%. My medical patients are unanimous in preferring this light’s product.

  23. Gilbert Romero (verified owner)

    I have been using 2 SpydrX pro for 5 months now.And they are worth every penny.Not only did they almost double my Trichrome development but also the size of my plants.Cant say enough about these light.I was using HPS/MH with air cooled hoods.Never going back.

  24. Arnie Kwiatkowski (verified owner)

    I have 4 Spydr X Plus lights! My yield is now 4 times higher! My plants love this light!

  25. Ron

    One month with the SpyderXplus and I have to say I am amazed and wish I knew about it much sooner. I literally do not have enough time to type everything that deserves being said about this product. So happy to be getting rid of a room full of Gavitas. Instant 20+% energy saving on just 3 weeks of first one month electric cycle. The overall quality has left me literally astounded. Another great available product is the RAY, My intent is to get a couple each of both the UV(higher active ingredient producer) and the Antho spectrum single light bars and interweave them somehow. If your on the fence about making the jump to led, do NOT skimp and go half ass, go all in with this product and you will not regret.

    East Coast
    MMJ Patient

  26. T. Frisbie (verified owner)

    I bought two of these at the beginning of the year and I will never go back to HPS/MH ever again! I am very pleased.


    i have been running hps as well as “fluence spyder plus” doing side by side grows. i do love my fluence lights. if you forget about the added cost of monthly electric cost (hps) and the added heat build up of hps. both lights do an excellent job. my friends that use black dog and other leds are constantly fighting bleach burn. their lights need to be at least 1 meter away from the canopy top. fluence recommended distance is 6 inches. the boss!!!

  28. Avis Kizy

    This product is awesome

  29. Alex (verified owner)

    I have been running SPYDRx PLUS for approximately 7 months (nearly 3 cycles) and I am very impressed with the results. Even from the low yielding cultivars I am seeing above average yields, as well as the terpene and trichome production being equal or better than HPS (watt for watt). The only negative to these lights is the ease of travel and slide of the light bars could be ‘beefed’ up a bit (perhaps sealed bearings for smoother operation). Ultimately, I understand the simplicity of the design being “less moving parts, less to go wrong”, and I love that concept (being an engineer myself). Hopefully within the next few years I can fill up a warehouse with this companies lights. I will certainly be a returning customer in the very near future.

  30. Mike (verified owner)

    1 Spydrx plus > 2x 600 HPS

    These are the real deal. Half way though one run I could tell they were going to replace my 600w HPS setup. There is less stretch, the flowers are closer together, and the buds are more dense. I’m blown away by these. I’m cheap, and still would have paid double. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Instead of hot and cool spots from reflectors and a single light source, I have perfectly even light intensity from multiple sources. Im buying their RAZRX and Ray series lights for my other lighting needs. I’ll never buy another set of bulbs again. I just bought my 2nd spydrx plus. Hps goodbye.

  31. Todd Mapplebeck

    Awesome lights. I’m flowering blue dream and had to actually turn off 2 light bars on each fixture due to foxtailing. These lights are powerful and my plants love them bigtime and so do I

  32. Mike Addy (verified owner)

    Hi I have to say this light is the best thing I have done for my plants! They grow faster, stack nodes like no other, the tri Chrome’s and terpine production is like no other and to top it off they finish your crop a week ahead of time, no going longer!! I will honestly grow with nothing else, love it!!

  33. Ricky

    Great product! Love the lights. Bewarned lights run at 100% with no dimmer. Had some burnt issues to the plants.

    To fluence science: Im in need of a dimmer. i have 2 spydrx plus. I would like to be able to use one dimmer for the both of them. Ive done some reading and it said i would have to splice the signal wire. I dont trust myself with the electricals. Dont want to end up ruining it. Do you guys happen to sell the dimmer and the pre spliced wires so i can pretty much plug and play?

  34. Sean Hayes

    I sell your lights like hotcakes. My customers are replacing 1000 DE units and getting comparable results with a fraction of the heat. Less heat=Less cooling costs. And these lights run on full blast @660W. So a third less power draw from the wall. I highly recommend this light, with out a question this is the absolute highest quality LED on the market today. The unique attribute that sets this light apart from all other LEDs is the even distribution of light across the whole 4×4 canopy. I’ve been in love with these lights since you were BML and they were twice the price AND STILL WORTH EVERY PENNY. Well done Fluence!

  35. jim koloski


  36. piggy thickness

    These units are extremely $ monger, and awesome. I have been the outdoor guy for 25 years. These spydr puppies produce GUSHERS! to say the least. The beasts that came from under the spydr are dripping with megga gooey stuff. Money very well spent. Thank you Fluence for the great opportunity to make very very bountiful $ with specimens with indefinite potential. 10 stars!! The good thing is there is much more for me to learn with even more production to come that is exciting. Thank you again. Talk to you soon.

  37. Daniel Kenney (verified owner)

    Bought this light and is by far the best light i have owned. I will be buying a second one and would recommend.

  38. Todd

    Running the x plus lights for 3 crops now and all I can say is WOW. These lights are unreal. The bud size and density is unbelieveable. Tricombe development is spectacular. Terpene profiles are off the chart. Well done Fluence. You have a customer for life.

  39. Keith Kimball

    This light is Awesome!!!!! My plants are 50% larger than they would be with 2 cmh from sunburst that I was using. I’m just so amazed at the pace of this grow🤑 Woukd highly recommend

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