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(7 customer reviews)


SPYDR 2p is designed for full-cycle, close-proximity cultivation in controlled environments and multi-tiered vertical applications where even one wasted inch is one too many.

The SPYDR 2p is your full lighting solution, containing a power supply, cable, and mounting hardware.

PPF: 1550 µmol/s
Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J
Input Power: 631W @277v



NEMA 6-15P

NEMA 5-15P

Adjustable Cable Kit

Ideal to suspend your SPYDR fixture at variable mounting heights of your choosing.

Aircraft Cable

Ideal for hanging your SPYDR fixture from the ceiling or a suitable support structure.

Close-Mount Brackets

For hard-mounting under tables or racks to minimize wasted space above the fixture.

AC Cord length 6 Feet 15 Feet
Plug type NEMA 5-15P NEMA 5-15P NEMA 6-15P NEMA 6-15P + $5 NEMA L7-15P NEMA L7-15P + $10 Pigtails Pigtails
DC Cord Extension None None 3 Feet 3 Feet 6 Feet 6 Feet
Mounting hardware Short V Mounting Brackets Short V Mounting Brackets Long V Mounting Brackets Long V Mounting Brackets Solid Decking Mounts Solid Decking Mounts Lance Hangers Lance Hangers Adjustable Suspension Kit Adjustable Suspension Kit
Clear selection
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SPYDR 2p is a full-cycle top lighting solution for commercial cannabis cultivation, with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. For optimal results, we recommend SPYDR 2p deployed in environments with C02 supplementation between 800-1400 ppm in reproductive growth stage due to high PPFD levels. SPYDR 2p builds on the previous generation’s SPYDRx PLUS performance.

Fluence recommends mounting SPYDR 2p fixtures 6” above the top of your canopy to guarantee optimal light uniformity, penetration and flux density above a 4’x4’ canopy.

SPYDR 2p fixtures are suitable for operation in still air ambient temperatures from -10°C (-23°F) to 35°C (95°F). SPYDR 2p operating temperatures range between 25°C (77°F) and 30°C (86°F) above ambient air temperature. Please note; when mounting SPYDR fixtures, a 1 inch gap or greater must be present between the top of the fixture and the surface it is mounted under to enable adequate air flow.

We recommend at least one ft3/S of airflow to ensure efficient cooling. Proper air flow will also increase the maximum suitable operating temperature and help extend lifetime of system.

Dimensions: 42.8” L x 46.99” W x 4.3” H (108.7 cm L x 119.4 cm W x 10.9 cm H)

Weight: 27 lbs 11 oz (12.55 kg)

Anodized, extruded aluminum alloy chassis with integrated heatsink for longevity and passive, natural convection thermal management that require no fans or moving components.

SPYDR 2p is available with PhysioSpec Indoor. For more information on our spectra, please visit

Standard SPYDR 2p fixtures ship with autosensing 100-277V power supplies. To order 347V, 400V or 480V SPYDR 2p models, please contact a Fluence representative for pricing and lead times. Amperage depends on fixture wattage (632W for SPYDR 2p) and input voltage. Below is a general estimate. Actual figures should be calculated based on your exact voltage. Please note that 347V, 400V & 480V SPYDR 2p fixtures operate at an average of 3% higher wattage.

  • Amps @ 120V: 5.27A
  • Amps @ 208V: 3.04A
  • Amps @240V: 2.63A
  • Amps @277V: 2.28A
  • Amps @347V: 1.88A
  • Amps @400V: 1.63A
  • Amps @480V: 1.36A

All SPYDR systems are guaranteed against manufacturing defects with a  5 year warranty when you buy it as part of the light fixture/full system. For more information on our warranty please visit

Additional Information

AC Cord length

6 Feet, 15 Feet

Plug type

NEMA 5-15P, NEMA 6-15P, NEMA L7-15P, Pigtails

DC Cord Extension

None, 3 Feet, 6 Feet

Mounting hardware

Short V Mounting Brackets, Long V Mounting Brackets, Solid Decking Mounts, Lance Hangers, Adjustable Suspension Kit

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for SPYDR 2p

  1. William Klimkoski


  2. ALVA D SIKES (verified owner)

    I was a sceptical! I’mnow a believer! I love my spydr 2p! I highly recommend this to everyone! Home run Fluence!! I’m saving for another one!!!

  3. Maxwell

    I would love to review and test your products i am a michigan medical cannabis activist who has been legally dragged through the mud, i have had to start over 3 times due to law enforcement kicking down my door for no reason and stealing everything, cps took my son for 18 months and my attorney got him back because i refuse to stand quietly … All over my medicine … So yeah if you guys would like to help me out i would love to share my experience with all of my fellow growers about your product’s and your compassion … Thank you for your time…

    Maxwell Lorincz
    Michigan USA 🇺🇸

  4. Gary (verified owner)

    This is hands down the best Led on the market. I’ve replaced my entire room now. Thank you so much fluence!

  5. Dennis Pietrzak (verified owner)

    Just finished my first run with spydr 2p excellent yield. I used from start to finish with dimmer for early stage

  6. Curtis

    I tried a SpyderX first to check out the spectrum. The results far exceeded my expectations for what they market as a home “hobby” or commercial “veg” light. I didn’t hesitate to fill our commercial indoor with the Spyder 2P’s and couldn’t be happier. I have never seen plants this healthy and robust in any grow, anywhere. Our newer facility will be ready some months down the road and it too will be filled with these. My veg room is now exclusively Fluence lights as well and vegging with anything else just doesn’t seem logical once you witness the results. The argument of intensity vs spectrum should be put to rest. This light nails both.
    -Sticky Tree Farms LLC

  7. Jacqueline Murray

    The Spyder lights are amazing and produced an earlier and a more bountiful yield. Shout out to customer support- my compressor stopped working and within 2 days- I was sent a replacement

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